Blank Canvas: November 14, 2018, Richardo Barrett and Natalie Willis

On tonight’s Blank Canvas we look at museum programming from a different perspective–through the eyes of a curator. Guest host NAGB Education Officer Katrina Cartwright is joined by NAGB Assistant Curators Natalie Willis and Richardo Barrett, both of whom have worked closely with the museum’s education department on various initiatives and activities including the Inter-island Traveling Exhibition, mural programme, workshops and tours.

Natalie and Richardo discuss the symbiotic relationship that exists between curatorial and education departments in museums–the curators researching and developing the exhibitions that are housed within the museum space, while education and outreach seek to devise programming that allows the public to access the work and the space in different ways. They give some insight into the role of a curator and share some of the experiences they have had working with the education team at the NAGB.

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