Blank Canvas: November 28, 2018, Max Taylor

Tonight on the Blank Canvas, host Amanda Coulson, Executive Director at the NAGB, welcomes well known artist Max Taylor to the studio to discuss the upcoming exhibition “Imprint” that will be opening at Doongalik Studios on Friday, November 30th, 6 p.m.-9 p.m. Taylor has teamed up with artists Sue Katz and Kendra Frorup for what will make an interesting exhibition as they each bring their own style of printmaking to the mix.

Taylor talks about his youth, how he came to art and his passion for printmaking. Well known as the Bahamas’ premier printmaker, particularly for his large and elaborate wood cuts, Taylor has spent his life as an artist pursuing all manner of printmaking, having recently completed an etching course in the U.S. True to his Bahamian roots whilst growing up over the hill in Nassau, Taylor is paying homage to these roots by displaying images of the magnificent silk cotton trees, as well as the clapboard houses that are found in abundance in these areas, images that he has loved all of his life.

“Imprint” will be on display at Doongalik Studios into January 2019.

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