From the openings!

On March 22nd, the NAGB opened its double-bank of spring exhibitions with British Counci supported “We Suffer to Remain” and “Traversing the Picturesque: For Sentimental Value”. 

“We Suffer to Remain” features the works of John Beadle, Graham Fagen, Sonia Farmer and Anina Major, and for the opening we welcomed a cohort from the British Council including Gemma Hollington, Director of Exhibitions and Annalee Davis, Caribbean Arts Manager.

“Traversing the Picturesque: For Sentimental Value” showcases 142 works by 42 artists with the oldest work dating back to 1854-1856. The artworks are on loan from several generous Bahamian collectors. 

Images by Jackson Petit and courtesy of The National Art Gallery of The Bahamas

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