Blank Canvas: June 27, 2018, Delton Barrett and Sofia Whitehead

Photography is in focus on tonight’s Blank Canvas, where we meet two young Bahamian photographers with recent exhibitions and a book publication.

Delton Barrett has his first solo show opening up at the D’Aguilar Art Foundation. Entitled “Nurture,” his portraits and conceptual works in this series try to answer questions that explore whether we are the products of nature or nurture. Delton shares how he became interested in photography as a medium and how he taught himself the techniques he uses in his craft today. Follow him on Instagram at delton_b.

Sofia Whitehead, meanwhile, has recently self-published a coffee table book entitled, “Baha Mama: Portraits of Wisdom from the Mothers of Bahamian Society,” as a series of photographs of matriarchs from the archipelago. Sofia tells us about her travels through the islands, her encounters with these amazing women and her idea for the book, which will be launched at the NAGB along with an innovative exhibition of her works, printed on flags and hanging on an abandoned ruin on West Street for the entire community to see.

Both events take place on Thursday, June 28th, and are within walking distance of one another; we encourage our audience to join the community and come out to see both shows.

Blank Canvas airs weekly on Wednesday evenings at 6:30 p.m. Guardian Talk radio 96.9 FM.

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