Blank Canvas: July 25th, 2018, Sonia Farmer, Jason Evans and Yasmin Glinton

On tonight’s Blank Canvas, guest host Malika Pryor-Martin talks with artist and writer Sonia Farmer about her practice, what inspires her to use established narratives to write new stories and more.

NAGB Development and Communications Officer Malika Pryor Martin with Sonia Farmer

As a wonderful preview to the finissage of NAGB exhibition, “We Suffer To Remain”, Farmer’s work, “A True and Exact History”, featured in the show and originally imagined and presented in book and installation formats, will be given new life as sound piece that includes 11 speakers. Jason Evans and Yasmin Glinton (not pictured here) grace the mic, sharing just a small portion of this dynamic presentation as well as a snippet of what they’re doing in their own respective worlds as accomplished artists.

Join us every Wednesday at 6:30 pm., for Blank Canvas on 96.9 Guardian Talk Radio and be sure to attend this very special performance of “A True and Exact History”, this Sunday, July 29th, at 4 pm at the NAGB.