Blank Canvas: August 15, 2018, Michael Edwards and Dr. Ian Bethell-Bennett

Tonight on Blank Canvas, host Amanda Coulson is joined by Michael Edwards and Dr. Ian Bethell-Bennett, Associate Professors at UB as they discuss Expo 2020’s participation in the upcoming Double Dutch exhibition, “Hot Water,” at the NAGB.

Double Dutch supports the concept of bringing local, regional and diasporic-based artists together to work with a group of ideas personal, political and otherwise crucial to the development of a contemporary Bahamian identity. This year’s series moves into its seventh iteration, with the environmental and sustainably-focused project setting its eyes on Ragged Island as a space to think about sustainable futures and speak about concerns around climate change and fragile natural ecologies.

Edwards and Bethell-Bennett speak to the collaboration between Expo 2020, emerging from the University of The Bahamas (UB), and the Plastico Fantastico Collective with members from the United States, Cuba, Brazil, The Bahamas and London. They discuss their research, which led them to visit Ragged island, and share the experiences that have impacted the direction that the exhibition has taken.

“Hot Water” opens on Thursday, August 23rd, beginning with an artists’ talk where both parties will discuss the outcomes of the collaboration and their process.

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