Blank Canvas: August 22, 2018, Plastico Fantastico

The Blank Canvas studio is packed tonight! Six of the members from the Plastico Fantastico collective join us to talk about their project, opening tomorrow night at the NAGB, “Hot Water,” a collaboration between them and Expo 2020 from the University of The Bahamas.

The international artists’ collective is based across the world in The Bahamas, the UK, Brazil, Cuba, and the US and consists of (in photograph from left to right, back row) Antonia Wright, Rafael D’Alo, Daniel Kukla and Ruben Millares, (bottom row after Amanda Coulson, NAGB Executive Director) Alex Timchula and Maria Konder. Their collective practice concerns itself with the environment and sustainable futures. This is their second exhibition in The Bahamas, having been exhibited at Central Bank of The Bahamas Art Gallery in 2014.

The collective is showing as part of the NGAB’s “Double Dutch” series, which brings together local and regional artists to produce bodies of work through collaboration and exchange that explore regional culture, our creative acumen and sensibilities, and issues relevant to all of us in the Caribbean.

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