Blank Canvas: January 2, 2019, Carlos Bain and Jay Koment

‘Tis the Season and for our New Year’s show we are talking about … JUNKANOO! Not about what we all just saw on Bay, but rather the art behind the festival.

Carlos Bain, a long time Junkanooer, joins us in the Blank Canvas studio to talk about his own history and discovery of Junkanoo. He also discusses his art show in The PS Room of the NAGB, where he exhibits his “fringe paintings,” in a show entitled “Second to None.

Also joining us is Jay Koment, long-time art dealer and supporter of creative professionals, who speaks to his experience working with the Genesis Junkanoo group, alongside Bain, and his efforts to always bring Junkanoo into fine art discourse. He will be participating with Genesis artists in the annual Transforming Spaces art tour.

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