Blank Canvas: January 30th, 2019, DC Pratt and the Island House Film Festival

On tonight’s Blank Canvas we focus on two events taking place over the next few days in New Providence.

First we hear from DC Pratt (second from right), the son of Bahamian artist Chan Pratt, who was a colleague of the great Eddie Minnis and painted with a similar eye for our island. Chan died at a young age and, in his desire for his father’s legacy to live on, DC created the Chan Pratt Foundation, which supports young Bahamian artists in their career path by funding a scholarship to the University of The Bahamas. The annual fundraising event, the “Chan Pratt Inspiration,” takes place at Sapodilla on West Bay Street tomorrow night from 7-10 p.m.

Next we turn to the Island House Film Festival, taking place from February 1st – 3rd. Anja Allen, the marketing director and festival coordinator, talks about all the incredible free programming—talks and workshops—that are on offer for our local community, while Kareem Mortimer, Bahamian filmmaker and festival programmer, speaks to the movies on show. Over a three-day period, Bahamian and international feature films and documentaries (including some Oscar winners and nominees!) are screened in a diverse film programme in the intimate and relaxed Island House Cinema. Of special interest this year is the inclusion of a Bahamian short film, giving broad visibility to our local filmmakers. To learn more visit and clock on the Cinema menu!

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