Blank Canvas: March 6th, 2019, Eric Rose, Danny Davies and Jenna Chaplin

The NAGB’s Blank Canvas invites three guests into the studio—all of whom have artwork exhibited in this year’s National Exhibition, “NE9: The Fruit & the Seed”—to discuss different ideas about boundaries and public spaces and how those can be organised in such a way as to be detrimental to our continued positive growth as a society.

Photographer Eric Rose (far left) is displaying a series of black and white photographs, taken many years ago at the beginning of his artistic journey, that describe his own personal arc in crossing boundaries (thanks to education and travel) but that also speak to those walls—both physical and mental—that are put up to stop young men of colour proceeding or accessing certain spaces. Danny Davis (second from left) is a woodworker whose pair of tea chests or boxes, speak to systems and how they are used to categorise and control; and Jenna Chaplin (far right), discusses her artwork—ink print “portraits” of felled street trees—and her education in landscape architecture. She speaks to how we can create better public spaces—including street trees—for our community that would helps us grow positively.

Blank Canvas airs every Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. on Guardian Talk Radio 96.9 FM.