Blank Canvas: November 13th, 2019, Angelika Wallace-Whitfield, Chantal Bethel and Jodi Minnis

NAGB Assistant Curator, Natalie Willis, sits in for Executive Director, Amanda Coulson, on tonight’s episode of Blank Canvas. This week, Willis speaks with artists who creatively contribute to relief efforts in Grand Bahama. She is joined by Chantal Bethel, a long-time fixture and advocate in the Grand Bahama art community, who has an exhibition and book launch that starts this Thursday at Hillside House.

The care is there, as proceeds go towards the Grand Bahama Children’s Home which was destroyed in Hurricane Dorian. We also hear from the artist, curator, and Jane-of-all-trades, Jodi Minnis, who recently hosted her first art auction for relief, Alleviate, and her plans for the future.

Last but not least, we have Angelika Wallace Whitfield, who is putting a humanitarian edge on her artwork with her “Hope Is A Weapon” public project – from pop up shops to murals, the message is spreading and fast. Tune in to hear all the creative ways people put their art, and heart, to work for the community.

Left to right: Angelika Wallace Whitfield, Chantal Bethel, Natalie Willis, Jodi Minnis

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