Blank Canvas: February 13th, 2019, Cydne Coleby and Letitia Pratt

Women continue to populate the Blank Canvas studio tonight to discuss their artwork and the concepts it addresses in this year’s National Exhibition “NE9: The Fruit & The Seed.”

Cydne Coleby (left) is the Creative Arts Design and Communications Manager at The Current at Baha Mar, a graphic designer and a practising artist, exhibiting two mixed media works in the national exhibition. Letitia Pratt (right) studied English at University of the Bahamas and currently works at the D’Aguilar Arts Foundation where she began her engagement with art, writing about it and being drawn more into the Bahamian art scene; her entry for the national exhibition was a work of poetry that is installed in handmade frames and surrounded by objects found in nature: twigs, nests, dried skins, etc.

Both series of artworks address the place and image of women in contemporary—in particular Bahamian—society, and are a call to understand pain and to engage in self-care and self-love, unlearning the concept that one must always sacrifice self.

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