Blank Canvas: April 10th, 2019, Larry Ossei-Mensah

Another international curator, Larry Ossei-Mensah, has come to scope out the art scene in The Bahamas and we’re really pleased to have him in the Blank Canvas studio this week!

Ossei-Mensah is currently the Susanne Feld Hilberry Senior Curator at MOCAD (Museum of Contemporary Art in Detroit), but as a curator-at-large is often found in other cities. The Ghanaian-American curator and cultural critic has organised exhibitions and programmes at commercial and nonprofit spaces around the globe from New York City to Rome and continues to travel to constantly to meet artists and make discoveries. Ossei-Mensah is also the co-founder of ARTNOIR a global collective of culturalists who design multimodal experiences aimed to engage this generation’s dynamic and diverse creative class, and is the recent recipient of the Warhol Foundation grant for $50K for his upcoming exhibition in spring/summer 2019 at MOAD in San Francisco entitled, “Coffee, Rhum, Sugar, Gold: A Postcolonial Paradox” co-curated with Dexter Wimberly.

With a jam-packed two and a half days in Nassau, Ossei-Mensah was here to learn but also to share. Tune in to listen to his experiences, of discovering where his true calling lay, of following his passion, and of how he created and continues to make a place for himself and other PoC in the global art world.

Follow him on Instagram/Twitter at @youngglobal.

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