The Blank Canvas: July 17th, 2019, WE Collective

On tonight’s Blank Canvas, your regular host Amanda Coulson (NAGB’s Executive Director) interviews three artists from the recently formed “WE Collective,” an artists’ group that spans various nations in the Caribbean. Joining Amanda (from left to right) are Amaani Hepburn, Xan Xi, and Thomas Hairston who will—along with Eddi Zemaye (who was unable to join us)—be sharing their paintings, charcoal drawing, photographs and collage work with our local audiences at their group show, opening on Thursday 18th July, at Doongalik Studios, entitled “Self: Portrait.”

The artists’ group states that: “To create a self-portrait, one must first understand what the self is. This project is about exploring and understanding self, and each other. Are we not reflections of each other, isn’t our community a collective self, don’t we define ourselves within a context, within a time, within a space? […] We are exploring humanity, exploring the soul and bringing self to the fore in an age-old way, through the portrait. We are looking at what we know, what we see, but what we still struggle to comprehend – the self. This project says: I am he, she, we; this is my-Self: Portrait.”

Patrons can expect to see a variety of themes, techniques and styles of art in this exhibition, which will be on display until 4 p.m. on Tuesday, July 30th.

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