Blank Canvas: August 28th, 2019, Dyah Nielson and Jonnique Beadle

Two emerging talents join Amanda Coulson (NAGB Executive Director) in the Blank Canvas studio tonight!

Dyah Nielson (left), who was born and raised in The Bahamas and returned home after having completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts at York University in Toronto in 2018, speaks about her journey as an artist and her current exhibition, “Love & Fear.” The solo show explores how to articulate issues dealing with mental health and is on view at Doongalik Studios (open Monday-Wednesday). Nielson is especially interested in the symbolism attached to various animals by different people groups and how this symbolism can be used in her portraits to explore the complexities of life, relationships and femininity in contemporary times.

Jonnique Beadle (right) graduated from the College of The Bahamas fine art programme in 2017 and is currently completing studies at Columbia College in Chicago in fashion. The daughter of one of The Bahamas’ most well-known artists—John Beadle—she talks about how it was to grow up surrounded art and also the pressure to live up to a famous name. Beadle opens her solo show of paintings at Hillside House, on Cumberland Street, tomorrow night, Thursday, August 29th. Entitled “Façade” it deals with the different masks we wear to present ourselves to and navigate through the world.

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