Blank Canvas: January 29th, 2020, Sonia Farmer and Orchid Burnside

The creative community is the spotlight of this week’s show on Blank Canvas, as your regular host Amanda Coulson (Exec. Director, NAGB) invites poet and bookmaker, Sonia Farmer, and cultural instigator Orchid Burnside into the studio.

The duo is here to talk about the Illiterate Story Slam, which is being relaunched and will take place the last Thursday every month at Doongalik Studios, a hub for The Bahamas’ creative community. The Story Slam invites participants to come and share a story from their own life that responds to different themes. Tomorrow night’s theme—of the kick-off event of the year—is “Blank Slate” while this and future events will be accompanied by a DJ Ampero mix, curated with the topic of the theme and a signature cocktail, created by Joey Gaskins.

One week prior to the Story Slam, which is free to the public, every month Doongalik is also hosting workshops with poet and writer Yasmin Glinton.

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