Blank Canvas: April 14th, 2021 featuring Curator Natalie Willis

On this evening’s “Blank Canvas,” Amanda Coulson interviews the NAGB’s Associate Curator, Natalie Willis, a Grand Bahamian who studied Fine Art in the U.K. Willis came home to work at the NAGB six years ago and moved through the organisation from Curatorial Assistant to Assistant Curator to Associate Curator. She joins us tonight to speak about her exhibition, “Floating Rib” which opens this week at the NAGB. “Floating Rib” is a look at the experience and practice of Black women of The Bahamas working in the diaspora, exploring roots, bodies and belonging, homecomings and goings; it is a moment to appreciate the Black Feminine, Mobility, Identity, and Black body politics. “Floating Rib” opens April 15th, 2021, this all-woman project features the work of Margot Bethel, April Bey, Kendra Frorup, Tamika Galanis, Anina Major, Jodi Minnis, Khia Poitier, Tiffany Smith, and Averia Wright.

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