Blank Canvas: August 25th, 2021 featuring Leanne Russell and Lynn Parotti

On tonight’s “NAGB’s Blank Canvas,” we will hear from Bahamian artists Leanne Russell and Lynn Parotti, who both have a suite of photographs on display in the exhibition “The Other Side of the Pentaprism,” curated by your host Amanda Coulson at Tern Gallery. The pentaprism is the mirror inside a camera’s lens and it turns the world upside down and then the right way back again. The show examines how the artists use the camera to re-examine the work and create new futures. Both artists digitally manipulate images to overlay history with the present time but in different ways. Where Russell uses historic archival images, Parotti works with present-day images of historical sites but both address issues of care and sustainability. Tune in to hear more!

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