Blank Canvas: December 15th, 2021 featuring artists Dr Ian Bethell Bennett, Errol Brewster, Averia Wright and Kachelle Knowles

On tonight’s “NAGB’s Blank Canvas” we meet four artists in two different exhibitions now showing in New Providence, yet the conversation seamless ties all the work together in a larger narrative around culture, its erasure and how we can address that in our practises as cultural workers, gallerists, museum professionals and artists. Dr Ian Bethell Bennett and Errol Ross Brewster are both artists in NAGB’s exhibition “Evolution of the Arc,” and both persons passionate about culture, policy-making and how we can grow the “arc” of The Bahamas’ archipelago, but also the archipelago that is the Caribbean region as a whole to be more sustainably through art, architecture and music. Averia Wright and Kachelle Knowles are both artists whose work addresses many of these issues both exhibiting in an upcoming exhibition at the Current at Baha Mar opening on December 23rd, a night of cultural fun, music and art at The Current Art Gallery.

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