Blank Canvas: December 1st, 2021 featuring artists from “The Evolution of The Arc”

On “NAGB’s Blank Canvas”, we continue meeting artists participating in the NAGB’s latest show, curated by Deime Ubani, “The Evolution of the Arc”. Shaquille Coleby, an artist and graphic designer based in Nassau, who executes stunning collages; he also recently completed creating artworks for Yellow Bell, the new West End bar and despite having been a graphic designer for many years—consider himself a new “artist” on the scene. Leanne Russel, an artist from Green Turtle Cay, has become known for her community work post-Dorian, specifically working with archives. For “Evolution of the Arc”, she created an “in situ” installation on the beach and invited unheard voices from the Abaco community to c-author the piece and share their stories. Writers and poets Yasmin Glinton and Joinel Jeune, join the show and speak about their work, which is part of the video piece documenting the installation.

Evolution of the Arc is on view at the NAGB until January 23rd, 2022

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