Blank Canvas: February 24th, 2021 featuring Kishan Munroe

On tonight’s “NAGB’s Blank Canvas” we welcome Bahamian artist Kishan Munroe. Munroe has been most recently seen all around the island of New Providence working on project “Legend Steel”, which is the restoration of famous public sculptures, often found on public roundabouts, made by Bahamian Cultural icon Stephen G.E. Burrows. However, his practise is much broader and reaches further. From being a “Drifter-in-Residence” on a raft, to being the Schmidt Ocean Institute’s Artist-at-Sea, to his ongoing “Universal Human Experience” project, Munroe’s paintings, photographs and objects often deal with social issues or conditions that the artist has explored or researched after travel and/or personal engagement. We were privileged to show his suite of paintings ’Swan Song of the Falinogo” in 2013 at the NAGB and hope to launch a catalogue to commemorate the 41st year of the event in May of this year.

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