Blank Canvas: June 21st, 2023 featuring Brigidy Bram co-directors and producers, Kareem Mortimer and Laura Gamse

On this episode of Blank Canvas, your host Amard Rolle is joined by Brigidy Bram co-directors and producers, Kareem Mortimer and Laura Gamse.

Brigidy Bram is a feature film slated for release in January 2024. In this intimate portrait circling fact and fiction, the true story of prolific Bahamian abstract painter Kendal Hanna reveals a case study of how society codifies genius—and institutionalizes difference. Artists and scientists collaborate to uncover the forces threatening to erase Hanna’s memory, his work, and his name from history.

Risks and challenges

Documentary filmmaking can be a deceptively costly and time-consuming endeavor. The team are ten years into this production, and need community support to get through the final hurdles, including: animation, archival footage licensing, music composition, and the full post-production process (for context, the archival footage alone in this historical film amounts to a $60,000 line item in the budget). With support from Sundance, the International Documentary Association, and Sandbox Films, they can hold Brigidy Bram to the highest standards in the industry. We still have much to do before the premiere, but with your help, we can get there together.

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