Blank Canvas: June 9th, 2021 featuring Tessa Whitehead and Leasho Johnson

On this week’s NAGB’s Blank Canvas, your host Amanda Coulson speaks with two artists who have been supported early in their careers by the NAGB: Local artist Tessa Whitehead, who runs Nine Studios on Strachan Street in Chippingham, and Leasho Johnson, a Jamaican artist currently completing a residency in New York and the Leslie Lohman Museum. The two will be exhibiting together here in Nassau at TERN gallery in the show “Notions of Self,” opening on June 10th.

Whitehead’s most recent exhibition was a series of new works from her solo show “there are always two deaths …” at the NAGB in 2019.

Leasho has exhibited in the NAGB’s Double Dutch: “Of Skin and Sand” with Edrin Symonette in 2017 at the NAGB. Tune in to hear about what they’ve been up to and what’s in store!

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