Blank Canvas: March 10th, 2021 featuring Central Bank Art Competition Open Category Prize Winners

On “Blank Canvas” we hear from the final group of Central Bank Art Competition Open Category prize winners for the categories of Photography, with Jamie Bruce and Sculpture with Carlos Bain, and their public art projects.

Bruce, a fashion and pop photographer describes his billboard project as honouring everyday Bahamians who are reproduced in monumental images and Bain, a Junkanooer, talks about how he is using his shack skills to transition to fine art and sculpture. In his winning piece, which speaks to new forms of currency that are likely to be eventually be displayed at the new Central Bank’s premises.

Finally, the Central Bank’s art and culture Curator, Uli Voges, joins us to close out the series, speaking to where the various public projects are today and where they will be going in the year coming year for the Culture Wing of Central Bank, dubbed, “Beyond the Walls, Across the Waters.”

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