Blank Canvas: March 9th, 2022 featuring Kachelle Knowles, Christina Wong and John Cox

On this evening’s “Blank Canvas”, the show in which we discuss visual culture and creative community, your hosts Diana Sands and Dr Douglas Barkey have thought-provoking discussion with Kachelle Knowles, Christina Wong and John Cox from The Current Gallery. They are in the studio to discuss The Current’s  first 11 Strong Exhibition  of 2022, Defying Tropicality, which opened on March 4th. The 11 Strong artists featured in ‘Defying Tropicality’ include Kachelle Knowles, Richardo Barrett, Dylan Rapillard, Lillian Blades, Sue Katz, Dede Brown, Jason Bennett, Toby Lunn, John Paul Saddelton, Samantha Treco and Averia Wright.

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