Blank Canvas: May 12th, 2021 featuring Curator Natalie Willis, Floating Rib artists Margot Bethel and Khia Poitier

On this week’s “Blank Canvas,” your host Amanda Coulson continues speaking with artists for the exhibition “Floating Rib” now on view at the NAGB. The exhibition’s curator, Natalie Willis, joins us to express her vision to make space for overlooked voices, especially those of Black women of the Bahamas and, within that group, the even more marginalised who may not fit into stereotypical categories of “Bahamian womanhood”. Artists Margot Bethel and Khia Poitier share their journeys as creatives, as queer women, and as individuals, creating space for themselves and their community, utilising both self-care and joy as radical acts of resistance.

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