Blank Canvas: May 18th, 2022 featuring Cultural Icon, Timmay

On today’s Blank Canvas, the show on which we discuss visual culture and creative community, your host Diana Sands interviews cultural icon, Timmay. The lively discussion centres on the upcoming Bahamas Carnival that will surely electrify the city of Nassau. Whether you are a regular participant in these festivities or a novice, this comprehensive talk has a little something for you.


Initially enrolled in COB to study Computer Information Systems, Timothy “Timmay” Bain found his calling to Media Journalism. He began managing his first music artist, Rapper Jay Complex and blogging for international and local websites discussing, reviewing and previewing NBA basketball and international music focusing mainly on Hip-Hop. Timothy was also afforded the opportunity to work for ZSR Sports Radio hosting 2 shows with his soon to be business partners.

In 2014, Timothy made the decision to leave COB and formed a Photography, Videography and Graphic Design company called Three Amigos Media (3AM) with his former ZSR Talking Sports and College Talk radio cohosts. That same year, he created a web show #WHODAT, a platform developed to spotlight the music and accomplishments of Bahamian artists, entertainers and creatives, past, present and future.

Timothy developed a personal signature brand called TIMMAY and is the recipient of many local awards such as Elevation Award for Vlog of the Year in April for #WHODAT, a National Youth Award for Youth in Entrepreneurship for 3AM and 2017 Bahamas Press Club Media Award for Social Media.

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