Blank Canvas: November 24th, 2021 featuring Allan Jones, Dorlan Curtis and Caroline Anderson

Tonight on “NAGB’s Blank Canvas” we start to meet the artists from the NAGB’s latest show “Evolution of the Arc,” an exhibition that speaks to the development of The Bahamas as an archipelagic nation. Tonight’s artists all live on one of the Family Islands: Allan Jones is currently living and working in South Eleuthera as the Marketing and Communications Associate at the Island School, but is a visual artist from Grand Bahama with a specific interest in photography, cinematography and industrial, architectural and sustainable design. His collaborative artwork is with Dorlan Curtis, Assistant Director of Research Innovation at The Cape Eleuthera Institute and the Co-founder of FoodPost Farms in North Eleuthera. We’ll also hear from the artist Caroline Anderson, who lives between Grand Bahama and Harbour Island. For many years, Anderson was the designer and owner of the company “Accès-Océan”, which made artistic jewellery often from flotsam and jetsam from the ocean. Born in France, Caroline visited the Bahamas in 1989, moved in 1996, and married a Bahamian in 1997 and she lives and works in between Freeport and Briland where she paints “Abstracte Lyrice” works that capture the environment of The Bahamas.

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