Blank Canvas: October 13th, 2021 featuring Melissa Alcena, Tamika Galanis and Rodell Warner

On “NAGB’s Blank Canvas,” your host Amanda Coulson speaks with Melissa Alcena, Tamika Galanis and Rodell Warner, all of whom are currently on show in Nassau at various locations, as well as having other projects globally. Alcena and Galanis are both participating in “The Other Side of the Pentaprism,” at TERN gallery, which shows 6 photographers in conversation. Alcena and Galanis both create portraits but with different approaches and outcomes. Galanis and Warner, meanwhile, are in another artistic dialogue at the NAGB in the latest “Double Dutch,” the exhibition series that brings together a Bahamian artist with another from the region to explore areas of crossover.

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