Blank Canvas: September 21st, 2022 featuring Averia Wright, Sue-Katz and Dylan Rapillard from “Fowl Play” at The Current at Baha Mar

On this week’s Blank Canvas, our host, Amard, was visited by Averia Wright, Sue-Katz and Dylan Rapillard to discuss the quirky, endearing and very vibrant exhibition “Fowl Play” on display at The Current at Baha Mar from Friday, September 23rd through October.

Curatorial Manager at The Current and Curator of this installment of the 11-Strong Series, Averia Wright, describes “Fowl Play” as: “a show that uses eccentric humor, and effervescent color, and explores the prismatic nature of chicken and flora; signature features of island living. This homophonic pun is a contrasting look at the high rate of poultry meat consumption, and tracking the everyday journey of the yard bird. The transcendental beauty in its existence is a silent nod to its important place in our island paradise. From the morning alarm of the cock crow to the pot of chicken soup on a rainy day.”

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