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The NAGB’s National Exhibitions: 19 Years of Bold, Biggity Bahamian Art… where do we go from here?

The NAGB’s National Exhibition (NE) programming acts as a finger on the pulse of Bahamian art. As our, usually, biennial check-in on the status of creative visual culture in the country, the NE acts a gauge to see what our creative expression says about us as Bahamians: citizens, diaspora, and residents alike. After reaching our landmark 10th National Exhibition, NE10: “MERCY”, we must ask the question: how do we grow from here?

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(Un)Monumental: How do we re-contextualise historic sculptures for contemporary life?

As we have seen in “Re: Encounter” artists can often speak to the idea of the monumental both in size and in content. Dede Brown presents ambiguous humanoid busts, absent and cut out of wood and masonite, which are suspended from the ceiling – perhaps un-monumental in their own way. Playing into this in a different respect, Joiri Minaya presents us with a monumental wall of stretchy fabric that spans the width of the ballroom, but also gives us a series of postcards depicting a proposal for artistic intervention on the Christopher Columbus monument that sits at the front of Government House, making good use of both sides of this double-meaning of the word.

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