John Panza, n.d

Medium Limestone
Dimensions Variable Dimensions.
Classification Sculpture

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Wellington Brigewater (b. 1948, Nassau, Bahamas) is an intuitive and entirely self-taught artist. He started painting in 1991 and he is primarily a painter and sculptor. Being a very religious man, his work has been recognized for its biblical references. He attributes many of his paintings and sculptures to his prophetic visions. One of his rest commissions was a sculpture of St. Joseph in 1994 for the St. Joseph’s Catholic Church. His life-size concrete sculptures, “Angel Blowing His Trumpet”, “The Serpent Lady” and “Craws Lady” were acquired by The National Art Gallery of The Bahamas in 2004 for permanent exhibition on its grounds. Also that year, his acrylic painting “The Rapture” was exhibited at the inaugural National Exhibition.

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