A Garden of Dreams


A Garden of Dreams

Friday, March 11, 2016
Monday, August 1, 2016

NAGB Sculpture Garden
West and West Hill Sts.
Nassau, New Providence, The Bahamas

On the grounds of the NAGB, artist and entrepreneur Candis Marshall has created a spiritual and intoxicating environment for viewers to rest, recover and intervene with during the opening weekend of Transforming Spaces. Marshall’s “A Garden of Dreams” incorporates a garden of dream catchers that encircle a medicine wheel. The unorthodox catchers incorporate wooden ‘feathers’ from local trees and repurposed bicycle parts. Visitors to the garden are asked to add to the exhibit by writing their hopes and dreams on the wooden feathers that hang from the wheels. Visitors are also encouraged to read the catchers’ messages of hope to inspire them as their spirits continue to walk the earth.

There are two emotions that seem to be invading and systematically unraveling communities around the world. These are fear and hopelessness. Daily, more events occur that cause the human consciousness to be saturated with thoughts that feed these emotions. However, in the midst of it all, the often unspoken truth is that everyone has something that feeds the individual will to live and the hope that, one day, things will become better. Through “A Garden of Dreams”, Marshall hopes we will be able to draw out those private messages of hope so as to inspire each other to move beyond fear and hopelessness.