Back to Da Island


Mixed Media Summer Art Camp: Back to da Island

Thursday, August 9, 2018
Sunday, September 2, 2018

This year campers went “Back to da Island” as we explored indigenous Bahamian crafts like straw work, basket weaving, shellcraft, wood carving and much more, in traditional and not so traditional ways, all while learning the stories from and the histories of the islands where these different crafts originated. Their exploration of materials and techniques paid homage to Bahamian crafts in their original form while pushing it into the realm of fine art, building a bridge between two equally important forms of creative expression.

First Session

Valanté Styles, Rashad Styles, Diamond Rolle, Shania Forbes, Dillyn Beneby, Chester Bethel, Rihanna Evans, Melchy Fradin, Johnathan Rahming, Sierra Ferguson, J’vardo Beneby, Tattianna Etienne, Celina Ramsey, Tamarvin Edgecombe, Sara Rubbins, Ashanti Johnson, Kayoon Saunders, Allysa Sumnev, Jarah Robinson, Chaz Major, Myah Stubbs, Caliea Taylor, Musanna Ali, Farrah Ali, Leah Clark, Brandon Lloyd, Drew Bell, Tashae Providence, Tayja Providence, Sunae Adderley, Londyn Kellman, Hailey Roman, Sean Austin, Chandra Hanna, Andrew Wallace, Alyssa Monestine and B’Anthony Barr.

Second Session

Cameron Ferguson, Amarie Whylly, Layel Garraway, Siyah Strachan, Kaylee Miller, Melaysia Munnings, Farrah Ali, BreAnn Ferguson, Khayleb Higgs, Kalia Johnson, Kaj Davies, Darmani Poitier, Keiane Genil, Zaire Kamp, Mayah Stubbs, Juliet Russell, Iazabella Carbajal, Kelunn Francis, Da’mara Wright, Callwin Munnings, Makaela Cooper, Calvin Williams, Rashad Styles, Rohnique Brown, Robyn Outten, Kendria Prosper, Ashlee Nemone, Valanté Styles, Samantha Desooza, Ernestine Lacroix, Nathan Rolle, Kayden Cleare, Jayden Miller, Jayna Forsythe, Shakhi Bain, Isla Whylly and Andrew Wallace.

About Mixed Media Summer Art Camp

The NAGB Mixed Media Art Summer camp, revamped in 2015, serves as an access point for all kids aged 5 to 17 to Bahamian art and its history – information that often goes uncovered in standardised curriculum. The goal is to provide a hands-on approach to educating campers from all communities about the significance of Bahamian art and how it has impacted our daily lives – culturally and socially. Additionally, it informs prospective students on various career paths within the visual arts, presenting them with options for future educational and professional pursuits.