National Exhibition 3

Jul 6, 2006–Jan 31, 2007

In 2006, for the third National Exhibition, almost 200 pieces were submitted for review. After assessing the strength of each one, the NAGB’s curatorial team and the NE3 curator, Krista Thompson, decided on 35 pieces representing the work of 23 artists for inclusion in the show. Unlike previous years, many socially provocative pieces were submitted and selected and a fair number of sculptural and or installations were also included. The show also differed by the notable presence of contemporary works.​

“This year’s National Exhibition is remarkably different in form and character than previous exhibitions. It is much smaller, but the range of media is much broader. Relatively few paintings are included, but far more sculpture, installation and conceptual pieces were submitted and selected than ever before. The group includes many well-known artists, but almost half are participating in their first National Exhibition.”

Dr. Erica James, NE3 catalogue


John Beadle
Jason Bennett
Sue Bennett-Willaims
Chantal E. Y. Bethel
Davinia Bullard
Stan Burnside

Dominic Cant
John Cox
Blue Curry
Claudette Dean
Tyrone Ferguson
Kendal Hanna

Sabrina Lightbourn
Toby Lunn
Susan Mackay
Kishan Munroe
Jonathan Murray
Holly Parotti

Jackson Petit
Antonius Roberts
Clive Stuart
Maxwell Taylor
Lemero Wright