TimeLines: 1950 – 2007


TimeLines: 1950 – 2007

August 1, 2019 – November 2, 2020

Featured Artist: John Beadle, Dionne Benjamin-Smith, Sue Bennett-Williams, Wellington Bridgewater, Stanley Burnside, Graham Byfield, Jacob Coonley, Jessica Colebrooke, John Cox, Blue Curry, Amos Ferguson, Tyrone Ferguson, Antoine Ferrier, Kendal Hanna, Rolfe Harris, Peggy Jones, Denis Knight, Alton Lowe, Toby Lunn, R. Brent Malone, Melissa Maura, Sterling Miller, Edward Minnis, Lavar Munroe, Holly Parotti, Chan Pratt, Antonius Roberts, Edison Godfrey Rolle, Monique Rolle, Lorenzo Roker, Roland Rose, Sandford Sawyer, Heino Schmid, Dave Smith, Jolyon Smith, Kipp Soldwedel, Dorman Stubbs, Nettica “Nettie” Symonette, Maxwell Taylor, Allan P. Wallace, Joseph “Joe Monks” Weaver and Homer Williams.

Curated By: Richardo Barrett

Curated by Richardo Barrett

The Permanent Exhibition (PE) at The National Art Gallery of The Bahamas (NAGB) is an annual exhibition focused on displaying the National Collection and, at times, supported by works from prominent private collections including, but not limited to, the D’Aguilar Art Foundation Collection, The Dawn Davies Collection and other private collections. The PE is on view for approximately one year, making it the longest-running exhibition at the museum at any given time. The PE is themed with the intention to act as a window into the history of The Bahamas and to support contemporary practitioners’ works as a way to extend and complicate the national narrative on Bahamianness.

Drawing mainly from the National Collection and supported by works from The Dawn Davies Collection, “Timelines” will be displaying the works of 43 artists.

Featured Work