Thursday, December 12, 2013

National Art Gallery of the Bahamas
West and West Hill Street
Nassau The Bahamas

In the film installation “undercurrents”, Parotti finds a temporary reconciliation between strained dualities through a connecting factor in the globe’s landscape: the ocean.

Though an entity completely different from our shallow Caribbean waters, the ocean Parotti became familiar with in the English Channel near her 2011 residency in Scotland provided a somewhat calming continuity of existence despite the change in landscape and culture. With side-by-side films of the ocean approaching and retreating from the shore, “undercurrents” comfortably surrenders to the relentless push-and-pull of rapid change.

Sonia Farmer, 2012
Founder, Poinciana Paper Press

Features from Undercurrents:

Undercurrents is a dual video projection installation with sound.