NAGB Travel Grant in collaboration with Tilting Axis 5

The National Art Gallery of The Bahamas in collaboration with Tilting Axis 5 is pleased to present a travel grant to support a Bahamian artist, art historian, cultural worker, researcher or curator to attend this year’s conference at the Memorial ACTé in Guadeloupe. The B$1500 grant will be used to underwrite the cost of travel and accommodation to attend the annual meeting.

Tilting Axis 5 “Beyond Trends: Decolonisation and Art Criticism” will explore the theme of decolonisation to think beyond its currently popular usage as cultural and institutional critique. Unlike its application to specific sites and processes, has decolonisation been a constant and ubiquitous practice in the Caribbean? This gathering will re-consider the currency of these discourses, identifying site-specificity within the Caribbean. For example, what does it mean for art institutions to negotiate decolonisation after postcoloniality? What different approaches can be deployed in decolonising discourses-specifically in relation to art criticism–and made more visible in spaces where their prevalence renders them invisible?

Examining the roles of artists, curators, educators, arts managers, scholars, art writers and critics, arts managers and policy writers, etc., we will consider how to strategically involve discourses on decolonisation that are useful for the Caribbean’s cultural sector.

Applications must contain the following:

A 300-word biography

A 500-word statement of interest

Resume – max 2 pages

The deadline for applications is April 15th, 2019, please send all applications to [email protected] with the subject NAGB Travel Grant Application.

 In 2018, the National Art Gallery of The Bahamas vowed to support a travel grant to support the attendance of a Bahamian art professional and is happy to continue its support of this crucial cultural initiative as an associate partner.

The applications will be reviewed by the Tilting Axis Core Team and the National Art Gallery of The Bahamas.