NE8 presents The Moonflower Room at Hillside House

We are so happy to be supporting the first Researcher In Residence for the National Exhibition and partnering with Hillside House to make it happen.

Hilary Booker’s installation, “The Moonflower Room,” combines the intellectual and creative lineage from which she developed her theoretical framework with research findings of interview participants’ hopes and dreams for the future.

This room includes an eatable cartography composed of plant-based foods that Booker will prepare from primarily locally-produced ingredients and a radical library of books and bushes. By placing books, bushes, and plant-based foods together, she hopes to demonstrate that plants, land, oceans and foods are their sets of knowledge critical to development whose essences are best experienced and expressed viscerally.

Hilary moves into Hillside House on December 10th and will be hosting several events during the months of December and January. We look forward to the goodness and feasts to come!