Blank Canvas: November 22nd, 2017, Pierre Richard Parsien, Pam Burnside and Holly Bynoe

On this week’s “Blank Canvas,” we have the opportunity to learn more about the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and their activities in The Bahamas and the region through Gevon Moss, their local Civil Society Liaison and Resource Planner. Aside from their general activities, he’ll speak to their recent annual meeting in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, from November 8-9, examining sustainable development in the region.

Representatives of civil society organisations from 26 countries throughout Latin America and the Caribbean attended, including three delegates from The Bahamas (left to right), Pierre Richard Parsien, founder of Hophas, host of Guardian Radio’s “ Voices of the Diaspora”;community advocate, Pam Burnside, Founder/Director/Owner of Doongalik, Studios and President Creative Nassau; and Holly Bynoe, Chief Curator of the NAGB.

All three delegates join Amanda in the studio to speak to their experiences in Bolivia at the IDB conference and the importance of creating networks and expanding our community across the region.

“Blank Canvas” airs every Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. on Guardian Talk Radio 96.9 FM.

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