Blank Canvas: April 11, 2018, Annalee Davis and Gemma Hollington

On Blank Canvas this week, we continue to highlight the exhibition currently showing at NAGB entitled “We Suffer To Remain,” which examines Scotland’s involvement in the Transatlantic Slave Trade—through an artwork by Scottish artist Graham Fagen—and its legacy, as explored in the works by Bahamian artists John Beadle, Sonia Farmer and Anina Major.

The exhibition was supported and co-organised by the British Council, the United Kingdom’s international organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities. Joining Amanda (middle) on the show are representatives of the British Council, Caribbean Arts Manager, Annalee Davis (left) and Director of Exhibitions, Gemma Hollington (right).

Gemma speaks to the British Council’s mandate in general and its goals in undertaking such projects and exhibitions, while Annalee expands on the development of this particular project—with “We Suffer To Remain” at the NAGB as the final stop in a larger tour of the Fagen piece—and her important work in connecting the Caribbean. This will continue with other projects as she takes her leave of the British Council, such as the Fresh Milk Art Platform in Barbados and the conference series for Caribbean professionals, “Tilting Axis.”

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