Blank Canvas: May 30, 2018, Jalan Harris and Furniture Plus

There is plenty of powerful female energy in the Blank Canvas studio tonight and children and creativity are the evening’s focus. Joining host Amanda Coulson are artist Jalan Harris (left); Krystynia Lee D’Arville, VP of Sales Marketing and Organisational Development at Furniture Plus (second from right) and Nicky Saddleton, Brand Strategist and Consultant (far right).

Harris shares her journey of motherhood and how that experience shaped her artistic practise, manifesting in her first solo exhibition, which opens tomorrow night at Doongalik Studios, entitled “The Madonna Diaries.” Working in painting, photography, collage and sculpture, Harris is not defined by any medium and even presents jewellery with a very special ingredient that she shares on air.

D’Arville and Saddleton speak to Furniture Plus’ “Art from the Heart” campaign, an open competition for all young Bahamians between the ages of 8 and 18, who can submit a drawing that may grace the side of the new Furniture Plus trucks. The winner will also receive other prizes including one of several free spots at the NAGB’s three-week Mixed Media Summer Art Camp, the remainder of which will be awarded to the runners’ up. Both speak eloquently about the importance of creativity in the lives of children and adults and the role local businesses play in supporting the community.

Blank Canvas airs every Wednesday on Guardian talk radio at 6:30 p.m.

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