Blank Canvas: June 6, 2018, Comm-Ed

On tonight’s Blank Canvas, guest host Malika Pryor-Martin, Communications and Development Officer for the NAGB is joined by Katrina Cartwright, NAGB Education Officer, to discuss the amazing new theme for the museum’s Mixed Media Art Summer Camp, “Back to da Island.” Academic arts practices and techniques will be blended with and inspired by creative experiences and expressions that are uniquely Bahamian. They’ll include strawcraft, shellcraft, storytelling and even incorporate indigenous performing arts like Rake n’ Scrape and Junkanoo.

Beyond this year’s camp, the dynamic duo provide updates for upcoming NAGB programming in June, which can also be found every Wednesday in the Nassau Guardian. This includes our second Teacher’s Seminar which will explore art and history, the second installment of our film series in partnership with LUX Scotland and more.

Tune into Blank Canvas, this and every Wednesday for conversations on visual culture and creative community at 6:30 p.m. on 96.9 Guardian talk radio.

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