Blank Canvas: February 26th, 2020, Christina Wong, Cydney Coleby and Heino Schmid

Tonight the Blank Canvas studio hosts three artists in the “Refuge” exhibition, currently on view at the NAGB until March 29th, 2020.

Cydne Coleby (far left) speaks about her work “Specimen” which is drawn off her archive of family photographs that have been manipulated to include images of destruction and decay; Heino Schmid (middle) discusses his painting “Home,” a large painting on wood complemented by a collection of dried palm leaves; and Christina Wong (far right) shares how she felt the urge to return to acrylic painting with her entries, both extremely moving moments of lives lived and lost during the passage of Dorian.

Though using completely different media, the artists connect over their shared experience and attempt to understand the passage of this monster storm, through their work.

Blank Canvas airs every Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. on Guardian Talk Radio, 96.9 FM.

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