Blank Canvas: January 24th, 2018, Tamika Galanis

On this evening’s “ Blank Canvas,” your host Amanda Coulson (NAGB Director) is joined by Tamika Galanis, a documentarian and multimedia visual artist. A Bahamian native, Tamika’s work examines the complexities of living in a place shrouded in tourism’s ideal during the age of climate concerns. Emphasizing the importance of Bahamian cultural identity for cultural preservation, Tamika documents aspects of Bahamian life not curated for tourist consumption, to intervene in the historical archive.

Tamika’s practice includes traditional documentary work and new media abstractions of written, oral, and archival histories; she also has expanded into creating merchandise that revels in our culture though her brand “Lignum+Tingum.” She speaks about how she delved into the artistic field through her studies—inspired by other Bahamian historians and writers such as Dr. Ian Strachan, Dr. Krista Thompson and Dr. Angelique Nixon—and how she has craved a unique path for herself.

Tamika has been back home on a fellowship but is now returning to Durham, North Carolina—where she earned her Masters of Fine Arts in Experimental and Documentary Arts from Duke University—to teach a class at her alma mater, focusing on Bahamian film and storytelling.

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