Mixed Media Art
Summer Camp

Our annual summer camp is open to youth ages 5-17. MMASC offers unique ways for young artists to explore art in a cultural context while experimenting with new techniques in a fun, inclusive, and richly creative environment!

Time Travelers: Exploring our Past, Present & Future

Registration is now open!

Our Mixed Media Art Summer Camp (MMASC) is an access point for all kids ages 5 to 17 to Bahamian art and its history. This information often goes uncovered in standardized curricula, and our camp provides a hands-on, experiential approach to learning to fill those gaps. Our goal with MMASC is to introduce prospective young artists to various career paths in the visual arts and offer them foundational skills to expand their options for future educational and professional pursuits. 

Each year, we look forward to welcoming a diverse group of budding artists to learn, explore, and grow with us. Campers learn various art techniques to help them best tell their stories. They also develop critical thinking and social-emotional skills through collaborative projects like our mural. MMASC is divided into two, two-week sessions, beginning the first week in July. Campers showcase their artwork in a final exhibition at the end of each camp—giving them a sense of accomplishment!

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