The Nation/The Imaginary
Reading List

last updated may 3, 2024

Explore a curated list of literary works that connect to themes in our current exhibition. Titles with asterisks are available for purchase in our Museum Store!

 No Vacancy in Paradise (2001), Patricia Glinton-Meicholas    

“The Dreamers”, found in If I had the Wings (2017), Helen Klonaris   

How to be A True-True Bahamian (1994), Patricia Glinton-Meicholas*

“The Impossible Garden” found in WomanSpeak Journal (2012), Lynn Sweeting  

“Sonnet for the Moon”  found in WomanSpeak Journal (2012) Lynn Sweeting   

Gun Boys Rapsody (2015), Ian Strachan*

Woman Take Two (1987), Telcine Turner-Rolle  

“Ghost in Mr. Pratt’s House” by Toinette Major, found in Once Below a Time, (1988) edited by Telcine Turner-Rolle   

“How the Bahamas Became an Archipelago” by Pamela Carey, found in Once Below a Time, (1988) edited by Telcine Turner-Rolle  

“How Brer Rabby tricked Brer Lion”, found in Once Below a Time (1988), Telcine Turner-Rolle  

Pulling the Wings from Out my Back, (2017), Letitia Marie Pratt  

Discovery Daze (2011), Obediah Michael Smith   

“With My Sheep-Tongue Souse” found in Yinna, Vol. 1 (2000), Obediah Michael Smith

Blue (2022), Tanicia Pratt *  

Mama Lily and the Dead (2010), Nicolette Bethel  

Running the Dusk (2010), Christian Campbell     


Guanahani, My Love (2009), Marion Bethel   

Bougainvilla Ringplay (2010), Marion Bethel  

“Lady Dorothy’s Cash Garden”, found in WomanSpeak Journal  (2012), Margot Bethel  

“So Immense a Thing” found in WomanSpeak Journal (2018), Marie Sairsignh   

Folk-Tales of Andros Island, Bahamas (1918). Various Authors, compiled by Elsie Clews Parsons  

“The Gaulin Wife” found in An Evening in Guanima(1993), Patricia Glinton-Meicholas  

An Olive Branch (2020), Yasmin Glinton-Poiter* 

Bain Town (2007), Cleavland W. Eneas  

“Riding out the Storm with the One-Armed Man” (2019), Emille Hunt  

Carnival of Love (2013), Ernestia Fraiser*  

Curry Flavor (2000), Lelawattee Manoo-Rahming    

Emancipation: I am My Own Creation (2017), Hillary Booker, Phd.   

Diary of Souls (2006), Ian Strachan   

“Anne Destroys the Planation” found in The Caribbean Writer Vol  24 (2010), Sonia Farmer  

“An Offering” found in The Caribbean Writer, Vol. 36(2022), Letitia Marie Pratt  

“Snow Outside my Window” found in Yinna, Vol. 1, (2000), Christian Campbell  

7 Get Rich Schemes: The Government Doesn’t Want You to Know About Just Because The Plans Are Slightly Unethical and Borderline Criminal (2021), Thomas Hannah  

 “All Our Monsters” found in Short Tales, Vol II, (2019) S. A. Hannah  

Supernova Vol 1. (2016), Maz Joachin  

“I believe in Junkanoo” found in Yinna, Vol. 4 (2012), Maelynn Seymour-Major  

“Ode to a Red Seagrape Tree” found in Yinna, Vol. 4(2012), Thea Rutherford   

“My Lover” found in PreeLit Online: New Caribbean Writing (2020) by Maelynn Seymour-Major  

“Drummer Boy” found in Yinna, Vol.2 (2007), Lelawattee Manoo-Rahming   

“For as long as I Remember” found in Tongues of the Ocean (2010), Margot Bethel   

God Save Duh Queen” found in PreeLit Online: New Caribbean Writing (2020), Ide Thompson  

Mango Season” found on Limestone Review (2021) by Xan Xi Behtel   

“I born a Gaulin Woman” found on Limestone Review (2021) by Xan Xi Bethel  

“Sip an’ Talk” found in Tongues of the Ocean  (2010) by Angelique V. Nixon   

The Tree of Life” found in Short Tales Vol. 3 (2020) by Gail Hannah  

“Turkey and Ham” found in Short Tales Vol. 1 (2018), by Heather L. Thompson   

“The Gaulin’s Daughter”, found in WomanSpeak Journal (2018), Alexia Tolas   

“Revenge,” found in WomanSpeak Journal (2018),Lynn Sweeting   

When Doves Cry, (2000), Keith A. Russell