National Exhibiton 1 (NE1)

Biennial Exhibition • Jul 7, 2003

“The Inaugural National Exhibition is of particular significance for The Bahamas as it brings together the best of Bahamian art created since our independence in 1973. Indeed, it is in keeping with the mission of the National Art Gallery of The Bahamas which is to ‘collect, preserve, document, and promote a national collection of art for the benefit and education of Bahamians and the wider international audience’. This exhibition supports the artistic community by extending its audiences, and by helping to define its standards and practices. Bahamians can be proud [of the] Inaugural National Exhibition and all [to follow].”

— Foreword by Dr. Gail Saunders


In March 2003, a call for works was sent out inviting Bahamian artists, residing at home and abroad, to submit three pieces created during or after 1973 for a juried inaugural exhibition. More than 270 works were submitted from more than 130 artists. Seventy three works were chosen for inclusion in the show by a seven-member panel of judges. As a result, the INE featured some of the most exciting art produced in The Bahamas over the past 30 years.

Participating Artists

Janine Antoni, John Beadle, Dionne Benjamin-Smith,  Jason Bennett, Sue Bennett-Williams, Chantal Bethel, Lillian Blades, Wellington Bridgewater, Jackson Burnside, Stanley Burnside, Arlington Capron, Richard Peter Cooper, John Cox, Claudette Dean, Ellery Deveaux Jr. , Michael Edwards, Eric Ellis, David Ernest, Ritchie Eyma, Amos Ferguson, Nicole Ferguson (nee Minnis), Tyrone Ferguson, Kendal Hanna, Kathy Hayes, Marlon Hunt, Jessica Colebrooke (nee Maycock), Susan Katz-Lightbourn, Thierry Lamare, Alton Lowe, Toby Lunn, R. Brent Malone, Tony “Exuma The Obeah Man” McKay, Eddie Minnis, John Paul, Joyce Petrina, Chan Pratt, Livingstone Pratt Malcolm Rae, Antonius Roberts, Angelo Roker, James Rolle, Roland Rose, Nadine Seymour-Monroe, Sheldon Saint, Dave Smith, Jan-Yves Smith, Jolyon Smith, Kim Smith, Nora Smith, Clive Stuart, Dorman Stubbs, Maxwell Taylor, Allan P. Wallace, Nancy Young

Featured Work