National Exhibition 2 (Ne2)

Jun 10, 2004–Jan 30, 2005

The second National Exhibition was held in 2004. It was decided that the biennial National Exhibition should feature the best of Bahamian art produced within the past two years. Though 141 proposals were submitted, only 56 interdisciplinary works were selected. It was unthemed and featured traditional Bahamian art themes, processes, and media. It also presented works by artists who had appropriated non-traditional processes. Abstract works were a strong area with Kendal Hanna’s “Inner Light” (2000) and “Portrait of Vincent D’Aguilar 2” (2000).

"Works in the exhibition represent a broad range of Bahamian art styles including abstract works, photography, three dimensional objects, and ceramics. The social commentary central to, and embodied in, the work of a number of artists is encouraging and shows signs of maturity."

Foreword, Dr. Gail Saunders


Vivien Archer
John Beadle
Dionne Benjamin-Smith
Jason Bennett
Sue Bennett Williams
Chantal Bethel
Stan Burnside
Jessica Colebrooke
John Cox

Blue Curry
Claudette Dean
Roshanne Eyma
Nicole Ferguson
Tyrone Ferguson
Kendal Hanna
Cathy Hayes
Andret John

Susan Katz-Lightbourn
Thierry Lamare
Toby Lunn
Joan Marquis
Edward Minnis
Dereck Paul
Livingstone Pratt
Malcolm Rae

Antonius Roberts
Tamara Russell
Sheldon Saint
Heino Schmid
Clive Stuart
Maxwell Taylor
Davinia Whitlock
Italia Williams