Finnish artist, Karoliina Veijo writes about her trip to the NAGB

In May 2016 I had a chance to spend a day in Nassau. I am a great fan of museums and beautiful buildings, so a visit to the NAGB was a must for me. The light yellow Villa Doyle was charming, and the staff was very welcoming and made sure I did not miss anything.

The paintings, sculptures, and photographs had captured a wide range of emotions making the wounds of slavery as well as the joys of Junkanoo celebrations visible to the viewer.

The works at the NAGB are full of colour and stories, many of the pieces offering an insight into the everyday life of the Bahamians. There are also layers and layers of history to be discovered and what a more pleasant way to do that, than through art. I highly recommend visiting the NAGB and wish the museum all the best.

Karoliina Veijo, Photography Artist from Finland.